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Customer Care

We are available to answer any of your questions about our store or products. Our office hours are 9am-6pm Monday - Friday and we can be contacted by phone at (289)768-0921 or by email at  You may also contact us through the chat portal on our site when an agent is online and available or on any of our social media outlets below. Please note that if you need a quick response to your question the best way to contact us is through phone, email, or when one of our agents are online in our chat portal. Please see our contact page for more information.



Privacy & Safety

Your privacy and safety while using our site and products are of our great concern. Information gathered on our site is never shared for sold to any company for any reason.  Our customers privacy matters to us and we will always make sure securities are in place to ensure safety while sharing your information to make purchases and communicate within our community on our site.  Please note that our online payment portals are services provided by third party companies such Paypal and Stripe, we are not responsible for third party hacks or misuse of personal information by these companies, we use these services to provide convince in making purchases online and are not associated in any other way. These services are to be used at the customers discretion. 

Our products all receive a thorough research before being sold through our store. Not only because we want to offer the best product but because we also feed ourselves and our families from the same supply that we provide to our customers.  We just want the best for ourselves and know a lot of you out there do too.  When it comes to food its important to know the source and be able to communicate quickly with the supplier thats why we take the time to seek out the highest quality Organic foods.  All of all products are Certified Organic by U.S or Canadian Standards.  If a product cannot be certified by these organizations because it is a mineral or non food item we will let you know in our product description. Another reason an item may not be certified organic is if the source is a very small private grower that does not have the financial capabilities to have their crop certified. In this case we will give as much information as we know about the grow and process that they use in our description to insure to our customers that we are only sourcing 100% organic naturally grown non GMO product. Uncertified product is safe and may be safer than commercially certified items in some cases. We eat it just like all the other products we offer, but please note use of these items are at the discretion of the customer, we do not perform testing on these items and are not responsible for effects if any caused by their use.  All uncertified organic product will be disclosed in our product info section so that you are informed before purchase.   You agree to the terms and policies stated on our site through purchase of any item bought through our company in cash or online. Any further questions or concerns can be emailed to


Wholesale Inquiries

We do not currently offer wholesale pricing but our products can be purchased in large quantities at a great low cost for all your needs.

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards  - PAYPAL - Stripe - E-transfer - Offline Payments

Promotion Codes 

Only one promo code may be used per purchase.  Promotion codes specific to location will only be accepted if the delivery is within the location specified for that promo code, if a location specific promotion code is used and the delivery is outside of the specified area then the customer will be notified by email on how to pay the difference or accept a refund for the order.  

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Shipping Policy

It's important to us that you receive your purchased goods exactly as describe and we also want to make sure that our contribution to the pollution problem is as minimal as possible.  Much research has gone into the types of packaging we are using for our products and shipping in.  It has been difficult to find 100% compostable packaging as most bio-plastics and compostable plastics being created still contain some inorganic compounds that do not break down in your regular back yard compost or landfills. The choice has been a rather frustrating one but we have chosen to use kraft paper packaging because it is made out of recycled paper and can be recycled again, also more recycling plants have the equipment to recycle this resource rather then the new bio plastics.  We are committed to finding better packaging solutions as the industry evolves and are open to hearing from companies with eco packaging solutions.

  • Please note that this site ships to Canadian addresses only. If you are a U.S or International customer please use our International site for your purchases.

  • Some of our items like oils and butters do not ship well in the heat during the summer months, though we want you to receive your items quickly, we also want to make sure that your product does not go bad in transit.  We may contact you to let you know if we have to delay your shipment and wait for cooler weather depending on where you live and what the weather is like for us here at the time. We also offer the purchase of icepacks and cooler shipping boxes at your convenience for customers wanting to give added protection to their more delicate items during the hotter months or for those residing in hotter climates.

  • There is a minimum 4 day processing time before your item is shipped out, only rush deliveries can be handled immediately due to amount of orders we receive. Most of our orders are processed the same day we receive them depending on seasonal occasions. 

  • Shipping time and prices are listed at the time of purchase and are chosen by the customer.

  • We do not promise shipping times but we will do our best to make sure you receive your items when expected.

  • Delivery options with tracking and insurance are available at your convenience.

  • We cannot be responsible for items damaged in transit. Customers shipping with insurance will be responsible for contacting the chosen delivery provider to receive compensation for lost or damages items. 

  • Members can log in to their OG Store account to receive updates and information about their orders.

  • You agree to the terms and policies stated on our site through purchase of any item bought through our company in cash or online. 

  • Any further questions or concerns can be emailed to

Return & Exchange Policy

Most of our items are bulk foods this poses health risks when accepting returns or exchanging items, for this reason we do not accept any returns or exchanges on our bulk food items.  Sample sizes are available for customers to try before purchasing large quantities; a lot of our products are also available for purchase in smaller options then our sample size. 


  • Items that are not bulk food items have a 15 day return or exchange period after their package has been received.  After 15 days returns or exchanges will not be issued. This only applies to unused items and undamaged items. 

  • Bulk food refunds will only be given in cases where there is a recall by the manufacturer. 

  • We do not refund or exchange items damaged in transit. 

  • We do not cover the cost of shipping for returns. The customer will be responsible for shipping cost and a %20 restocking fee on returned and exchanged items.

  • You agree to the terms and policies stated on our site through purchase of any item bought through our company in cash or online. 

  • Any further questions or concerns can be emailed to



You may cancel your purchase up to 12 hours after payment without penalty. After 12 hours there is a restocking fee of 20% taken from your refund. If the item is already shipped we cannot process a cancellation. In this case please refer to our refunds and exchange policy.

You agree to the terms and policies stated on our site through purchase of any item bought through our company in cash or online. 

Any further questions or concerns can be emailed to

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