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Who We Are

The OG Store is founded by team of entrepreneurs born and raised in Toronto and Mississauga Ontario, Canada. "OG" an acronym for "Organically Grown" was the most authentic way to represent our brand and values and is also the reason why we chose it as our store name. It has became noticeably difficult to find organic sources for everyday ingredients without having to spend 3 hours reading labels in a store or going to a bunch of different stores to get everything organic, we also noticed the packaging being used; everything is in plastic!  Plastic is so harmful to our environment for so many reasons because it never breaks down on its own and animals are eating it, so a lot of you are also eating it as well.  As we began researching the food supply and how many things there were that we didn't know we were eating we realized that the only way to see a change is to be the change, so we started selling the products that we found in our research; that we use for ourselves, to family and friends, bringing us to open The OG Store so that everyone else that wants to be informed about their food now can be. It is our great pleasure to provide the best quality and prices from the best sources from around the world because it is fun learning about food, plants and the human body while saving the earth. We are raising capital to open our first Zero Waste Bulk Store and Share in the Greater Toronto Area and our aim is to make organic food more accessible by bring costs down and making access to organic items more convenient.

Our Mission

Here at The OG Store we know just how important it is for you and your family to know where your food is coming from and how it is being produced.  Today much of the worlds food supply is being tampered with and over-produced with chemicals, bioengineering and additives by huge corporations that are only out to make a profit without knowing the long term effects on the environment or our bodies. We believe that knowledge is power and we also believe that it is our right to be informed about exactly what we are feeding ourselves and our children. Sustainability is also important to us and that’s why we are focused on supporting small organic only farms that put money into the hands of community members rather than corporations. The reason we only supply organic products is because we understand that using bioengineered seeds, harsh chemicals such as pesticides and preservatives are harmful to our bodies and to the earth. Where you spend your money is how you stand up for what you believe in and a lot of us are supporting companies that are making 2 billionaires instead of 2000 millionaires, while creating a whole bunch of pollution.  Taking the time to research our supply is something we take pride in and we strive to achieve our goal of having 100% of our sources be from smaller organic producers that support families and communities in becoming self sustainable and able to thrive. In this achievement we would also be able to bring down the cost for you the customer on our items that are currently not coming directly from the producer. If you are an organic grower and want to have your bulk items sold through our community please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks for making conscious decisions to live clean we know it’s not easy in this fast accessible world but the earth is grateful and so are we. 

The OG Store

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