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Nature provides us with our very existence at essentially no cost if we all grew our own food and made our own things. We know it's not feasible for everyone to do that on their own, however we do think that community cooperation can drastically bring down the cost of organic food and products. Nothing about this store is conventional, we are going back to our roots and we hope you get involved. 

Sign up to become a member and start earning points to get free items at The OG Store! Once you become a member you can check our task postings page and choose any task that you would like to do in exchange for some points. After you do a few tasks and we validate them we will upload your points to your account and then you will be able redeem them at our trading post page for actual products in our store.  

This project is in it's Beta stage but we will be working very hard to see it to it's full potential. Our main goal is to get everyone involved in living sustainably so that we can cut down the cost of real organic food while reducing packaging pollution and deforesting. We are also raising money to tokenize our points system and develop smoother access to our tasks, products and more.

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